Flexo printing house.Production of labels

BART United Kingdom of Great Britain printing color labels

BART (Manufacturing, trading and service company) was established in Poland in 20th January 1993/has been operating since 20th January 1993.
The company is located in Środa Wielkopolska, in Wielkopolska region, 29 km from Poznań.
The company is a manufacturer of top-quality labels for small, medium and large enterprises.
BART is a flexographic printing house producing white and colour labels, self adhesive and glue-free labels any size and shape.
BART offers almost every type of labels.
Labels are also referred to as stickers.
Due to these professionally designed and thoroughly produced labels, our customers’ products are eye-catching and stand out among others. Such labels are excellent for identification of any product.
The most popular are budget paper labels: thermal or heat transfer labels.
We recommend foil labels. They can be applied universally. They are made of PP, PE, PET or PVC foil and their appliance is wider in comparison to paper labels.
The BART Company is a specialist in the production of overprinted and blank labels.
Our core products are roll labels including:
- labels for preserves, labels for jars,
- price labels/price marking labels, labels for scales, pricing guns,
- logistic labels, information labels, carton labels,
- warning labels,
- food contact labels,
- freezer labels,
- tyre labels,
- prescription labels, pharmacy labels,
- loop labels, labels for tree nurseries, labels for gardens for plant marking, garden arrows, garden tags,
- metallised labels – rated plates,
- vinyl labels for hard surfaces,
- transparent labels.
The BART Company offers also:
- seal labels, protective labels,
- textile labels – inserts made of nylon and satin,
- cloth labels, carton, ticket, carton etiquettes,
- front panels for devices,
- labels in A4 paper format.
Moreover, PPUH BART distributes high-quality printing devices such as thermal and heat transfer printers and consumables (black colorant carbon copies, colour heat transfer tapes and foils made of resin or wax).

BART provides its customers with service of all devices available in its offer.
The BART company uses services of professional graphic studio where new label designs are carried out, old projects are improved or projects submitted by customers are adjusted (COREL).
Upon client’s request we send free samples of our products. Samples are sent to assess the materials and make the best choice.
Labels offered by BART are applied in many European countries e.g. XXXX . UPS, Raben, DHL, GLS are responsible for dispatch lasting up to XXXX days.
The BART company puts top priority on experience and high-quality materials at competitive prices.
We encourage you to establish cooperation with PPUH BART and visit our premises in Środa Wielkopolska. If you have any further question do not hesitate to contact with our sales representative. We speak English, German and Polish.